The value of push notifications on mobile

Do you know what direct marketing is? It is the set of communication methods allowing to address the customer directly. There are many such as emailing, sending SMS or push notification. The latter stands out from the others and offers a real advantage to merchants…

What is a push notification?

A mobile push notification is a message sent from a server to a client’s mobile (smartphone or tablet). To do this, you must have your own mobile application. Indeed, the push notification is necessarily linked to a mobile application. Once installed, your customers don’t need to open the app in question, or even use their mobile to receive your notification.

What advantages does it offer to merchants?

Push notifications help maintain the link with its customers and keep them loyal. As with SMS, push notifications cannot be blocked in spam filters or forgotten like emails.

Note that the opt-in rate (users who have accepted to receive push notifications) is very satisfactory, since it is on average 73%. You can increase this rate within your business by creating real value for your customers.

In addition, their performance is very high since the opening and reading rate of a push notification is close to that of SMS, around 95%. Much more economical than SMS, push notification is the ideal communication tool that will allow you to generate a customer database and communicate effectively with them. For your information, push notifications are included and unlimited with the iProfit package.

How to use them well?

A communication tool only works if it creates value for your customer. To get started, you need to encourage your customers to enable push notifications. To do this, you must show them that they have an interest in doing so, for example:

  • He will be notified first of the new promotions, destocking operations, etc.
  • He will receive promo codes reserved only for customers who have enabled notifications
  • He will be invited to your private sales…

You’ve figured out the best way to create value for your customer and give them great deals they wouldn’t have if they didn’t enable push notifications.

Thanks to this powerful communication tool, you will be able to create closeness with your customer, keep them informed of the latest news about your business (event, change of hours, exceptional opening, etc.) and make them want to come back by managing your unsold items, end of series, etc.

And if you also want to receive our latest advice on how to manage your e-commerce business, activate your push notifications!




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